K and T Books

About Us

Dr. Jacqueline Krohn and Frances Taylor make up the writing team for K and T Books.

Dr. Krohn holds a degree in chemistry from the University of New Mexico, a medical degree from Washington University, and a masters in public health from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is board certified in Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine.

Frances Taylor has been her head allergy technician for thirty years and holds a degree in chemistry from Howard Payne University as well as an advanced degree in medical microbiology and biochemistry from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. In addition she has had hundreds of training hours from various medical seminars, symposiums, and classes.

Dr. Krohn's medical clinic in New Mexico specializes in pediatrics and environmental medicine. In addition to conventional medicine, the clinic uses several alternative therapies, and both Dr. Krohn and Frances are certified in homeopathy. They have successfully treated many patients with various types of allergies and environmental issues. However, the clinic is unable to accept any new patients or do phone consultations at this time.

Both Dr. Krohn's and Frances's husbands are retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratories. Dr. Krohn's daughter is currently in graduate school at Washington State University. Reading mystery, espionage, Star Trek, and Harry Potter books are hobbies for Dr. Krohn and Frances. Dr. Krohn is currently involved in hiking the Continental Divide Trail and is working on a book on natural wilderness first aid. She is also an avid geocacher and quilter. Before becoming an allergy technician, Frances taught chemistry and math on the secondary level. In recent years she has taught phenolics classes to healthcare professionals in Canada and the United States. Sewing and crocheting are among her creative endeavors.

Phenolics, terpenes and terpenoids, nutrition, allergy, neurotransmitters, hormones, alternative medicine, pleomorphism, homeopathy, kinesiology, detoxification, environmental medicine, and hands-on techniques that include treatment of allergies as well as emotions are among their special study interests. Of primary importance to both Dr. Krohn and Frances is guiding patients to optimal health.