A rotation diet is an excellent tool for handling food allergies or sensitivities, but most people are overwhelmed by the idea, confused, and need help and guidance in learning to rotate their foods. Although help is available from the offices of physicians who advocate rotation, most people need help at odd hours when there is normally no help available. This cookbook was written to guide you through learning to rotate and to give you a source to look up information when you have questions, regardless of the time of day. As you begin rotation, refer to it frequently and make it your friend. After you are an expert, you will still find it helpful in answering questions and as a source of ideas.


Section I What's Rotation All About?
  Food Management
  Rotation Diet
  Attitude and Making Rotation Work
  Getting Started
Section II Selecting a Rotation Diet
  Rotation Diet Variations
Section III Individualizing Rotation
  Making Your Own Rotation Diet
  Foods and Food Families
  Foods/Families-Alphabetical by Food
  Food Families-Alphabetical by Food Families
  Beverages Alcoholic Beverages
Section IV Rotation for Infants and Young Children 
  Rotation for Infants
  Adding Solid Foods
  Making Formula and Baby Food
  Food Sources of Some Commercial Infant Formulas Section V Managing Rotation
  Tips for Managing Rotation
  Shopping for Your Rotation Diet.
  Reading Labels
  But the recipe says
  Simple Samples of Substitution
Section VI Creative Eating
  Breakfast Ideas
  Lunchbox Ideas
  Snack Ideas
  Eating Away from Home
  Holiday DiningSection VII Recipes for All Occasions
Section VIII Information About Food Healthy Eating Tips
  Food Facts
  Food Additives
  Chemical Contamination of Food
  Sources of Common Food Allergens
Section IX Resources
  Cooking Vegetables
  High-Alitude Cooking
  Slow Cooker or Crock Pot Cooking
  Steaming Foods
  Microwave Cooking
  Using Herbs and Spices
  Weights, Measurements, and Equivalents