K and T Books

Where to buy our books 


Amazon and Alibris books still have a few copies of the various editions of K and T books published by Hartley & Marks. Some of them are new and some of them are used. Prices on the various books are up to Amazon and Alibris.

Amazon still carries all of the sixteen Kindle books written by the K and T authors. These titles include Food Allergy Is Not Fun, Allergenic Compounds in Foods, Foods Have Families Too!, Fast Food Explosion, A Rotation Diet Is Not Twirling Your Plate – Basic, A Rotation Diet Is Not Twirling Your Plate – Advanced, Does My Baby/Toddler Have Allergies?, Does My Child/Teen Have Allergies?, Grains: Friend or Foe? , Seasonings: The Spice of Life, Animals have Allergies Too!, Breathe Safely, Do I Have a Cold or Hayfever, Can Chemicals Affect Me?, Sleep Problems: Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, and More, Head Problems: Headaches and Head Injuries. Prices vary according to the size of the Kindle book.

Books written and self-published by K and T Books, as well as their other products are on sale and are available only through Dr. Krohn’s office. Please order by fax. If you call the office we will send you an order blank that you can use Both practitioners and patients may order our books and products. Credit Cards will reflect a charge to Los Alamos Pediatric Clinic.